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Devour! Rawr!

feeding the insatiable hunger for more megaten

Miss Teddie
3 January
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Shoo bee doo bee
I'm Jane and ever since being exposed to the Megaten franchise through Shin Megami Tensei Lucifer's Call (or SMT3: Nocturne for NTSC version), I've become a devoted fan and follower.
This is a place for me to fuel my Megaten obsession and share it with other fans, so if you like Megaten and the contents of this journal, go ahead and friend! I'll only friend back if you are in the Megaten fandom just so you know, this is not a personal journal after all. I WILL poke around your journal if you friend, I am one nosy bear. :3

This journal contains Megaten-related fan art, neat finds and doujinshi scanslations, and maybe the occasional rant about the sucky things in my life.

All entries are tagged for speedy searching. Use them to your advantage!

Overload it with SMT! Rawr!